Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rupert Grint (:

     Every once and awhile ( mostly when I can't think of anything to blog about), I will post a blog about one specific character and or actor.  The first actor I'm going to blog about is Rupert Grint. 
     Rupert Grint auditioned for the role of Ron Weasley by performing a hip-hop song promoting his character, which is probably why he got the part.  A few quotes from Rupert that I find myself laughing to are "Being famous is wicked but it's cool to be normal as well.", "I think coughing up slugs was quite hard. Ron has a scene where he has to cough up these giant slugs. I had this giant slug in my mouth loaded with slime and I spat them out. I think it was plastic. I hope it was plastic." and "Actually there is this question that always comes up which is 'have you met Daniel Radcliffe?!'".  Just because the Harry Potter movies are almost over doesn't mean we're about to see the last of Rupert Grint.  Check out one of his latest movies Wild Target.


  1. i am a big fan of the harry potter series.
    so im glad that the actors will be going on even after the movies end

  2. A good example of a focused blog post. I like the way you include both your own ideas and quotes. Be sure to include mention of where the quotes came from. Keep up the good work. --RW